Visited March 29th, 2008 by Raymond & Malcolm

“The Bull’s Head at Goring,the most westerly pub in the Worthing Borough being right near the boundary line. The rules of our project mean that we walk to all the pubs (and back!) and living in Broadwater means this is the longest walk for us (nearly 4 miles each way !!). Having spent the previous week in training, we hauled on our hiking boots and started the long journey. Little were we to know that it would seem even longer walking back!”

So we greased up our “zimmer frames” and off we shot at a fast walking pace. Unfortunately we were pulled over for only doing 10 mph in a 30 mph zone! The nice constable said we were holding up the traffic!
Drink: This pub was once Goring Mortuary, so if we had “popped our clogs” during downing our pint, we wouldn’t have had far to go. The pub is close to the sea, so we had a dip first. We felt a little uncomfortable shivering in just our bathers whilst discretely checking we hadn’t developed man boobs. Undeterred, we ordered two pints of Hooky ale, followed by Butcombe ale, shear perfection. Varied selection of wines, lagers, soft drinks, tea and coffees. They’ve put two pints of Harveys Best Bitter “in the wood” for us – we’re going back, left our fixed penalty slips on the bar – shame!
Food: SUNDAY lunch was excellent, but seemed a bit odd, as it was only TUESDAY. Wonderful selection of hot and cold dishes. They use the word “plethora” to describe their specials board – will have to wait until we get home to look up what that word means!
Staff: MEN IN BLACK trousers, shirts and aprons, they were the bees knees! Joined the exclusive “Diamond Club,” a discount card for the over 60’s, we’ve got a 10% off at B&Q card and a free bus pass as well – it’s wonderful being a senior citizen!
Service: With a smile, speedy and very attentive!
Pitched just right, heightened by Malcolm bumping into a friendly work colleague. They are apparently haunted by ghosts – we reckon it’s just our wives checking up on us!
Decor: Beamed ceilings, walls – half wood paneled, complimented by an ivory coloured paint work and a muted patterned carpet. Mood lighting, stone floors, huge fireplace and array of wooden tables and seating. Although, the flashing lights from the gaming machine – felt a little out of place!
Music: Played a mix of jazz/soul infusion – we couldn’t stop foot tapping!
Beer Garden/ Children’s Play Area: They have an enclosed beer garden, safe for the children and a covered smoking area. An abundance of heated tables and seats, got to close to one heater – nearly burnt my bonce!
Parking: Plenty of parking bays out-front. We drooled over a Bentley parked up – slightly scraped it unintentionally as we stood our zimmer frames up against the wall!
Toilets: Excellent standard, even roller blinds up at the windows – magic! There is a poster stating they won’t tolerate drugs on the premises, whole heartedly agree – as we quickly stuffed our “joints” back in our pockets!
Disabled Accessibility: Not particularly easy if your in a wheelchair, many steps around, inside and out, but don’t worry – plenty of staff on hand to assistance you!
Kerb-side Appeal: In a lovely rural setting, a village pub of great character with an attractive extension. Mesmerized by it’s charm I was almost forced to put on my artist hat, erect my easel and open up my paint box!
Overall Rating: 10/10
Would We Return?: Yes, we want to lift this pub up and place it at the bottom of our road – then it would become our dream local!

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Jim Says:

Love your website – an excellent read.

Can I please suggest, you open your arms and embrace FINDON VILLAGE – as many would consider it a part of Worthing….

And if you do, then try the Village House Hotel, right in the centre of the village – it’s an awesome pub.

Good luck on your travels guys.


Jim :)

Jim Says:

but then again… it’s quite a walk :)

Lynne Woodward Says:

we stumbled across you! the staff and management at the Bull would like to say a big THANK YOU! we are all grinning from ear to ear! We love our pub and are glad you do too!

Malcolm & Ray Says:

We have to consider the complete picture, management & staff, the pub and it’s surroundings – and you have it all!

kevin Says:

Malc,did the Bull`s Head used to be called the Bull i.e the head missing.I`m sure I use to go there with Mike Lee in the 1970`s.Is it off Aldsworth Avenue.Also glad to seeing you doing something usefull and helping the economy in your retirement.

Lynne Says:

Kevin, yes we did used to be called the Bull Inn, but resurrected the original name!

Adam Says:

Malcolm & Ray

Do I really have to wait until I retire before I can join you on your pub walks!!! Its so unfair, I have another 25 years of work ahead of me!!!

Keep up the good work chaps


Simon Says:

Started to pop in there more recently as me and my friends have got bored of The Yeoman. Nice pub and staff are always polite. A good selection of real ales which always seemed to be served well. Haven’t tried the food yet. A little out of the way for me but I’ve been there a few times so it must be worth the trip !!

Marion Walshe Says:

Dear Manager,
I am writing to comment on the poor quality of the meal we had this past Saturday. around My partner and I had a get second main course free. The service was good, I ordered the creamy pork pie, and he ordered a beef pie. IT REALLY WAS NOT WHAT IT SOUNDED LIKE. My Pie it appeared to be a small bowl of gravy which was tasty, but the pork was what appeared to be a previously sliced pork cut up in small pieces. As soon as I touched the pastry it fell off onto the table, the pork was never cooked in the pie. it had no flavour. served with a serving of mixed green frozen veg. which was tasteless, also on my plate was huge amount of new potatoes, again no flavour and far too many, I left about 6. My partner had a similiar situation, another bowl of similiar gravy and pieces of beef. We could not believe how bad it was, and if it was not for the two for one we would have wanted our money returned. It was an insult to a British pub pie. We were very disappointed. the server was pleasant, but never came back to see how we were doing. We wont be going back. sincerely, Marion Walshe

Lynne Woodward Says:

Marion, This really isnt the place for complaints! As you have also complained to Head Office, this has been dealt with internally, however, as this is here, I am pretty sure a ‘right to reply’ is in order.

Firstly the ‘creamy’ pork pie was not a ‘creamy’ pork pie, but pork in a cider gravy. Therefore I am not surprised it was not as you expected, as this is not the description given. Nowhere did we state creamy. I can assure you wholeheartedly that the Pork was indeed cooked in the pie. I am sorry you were disappointed with the beef pie, as it is one of our best sellers, and one of my personal favourites. This is made to a strict recipe, and weighed before being cooked in the gravy to ensure that there is plenty of’fill’ and not just a pastry top.
We do serve our pies in a bowl with a puff pastry lid, and do not state anywhere that we sell a traditional pub pie. The make up of the pie is clearly stated on our menu, as is the ‘puff’ in the pastry, which would go someway to explaining it crumbling.
I can also assure you that we NEVER use frozen vegetables. I would be more than happy to show you our stores where all our fresh ingredients are stored, and prove this fact to you. I also apologise for the large amount of new potatoes, but as they were the last portion that day, my chef thought he would give you the last half portion too.

I am so sad that you felt you could not bring this to our attention on the day, instead leaving and posting a comment here. If you had, we would have reacted to your issue immediately and ensured that you had an enjoyable visit, but you denied us this opportunity, which I deeply regret. If at any time you feel you would like to visit us again, I would be more than happy to sit down over a coffee with you and discuss your issue, and talk through our menu with you, the process each dish goes through, and where all our products come from (which is not a freezer)…. please feel free to contact me

Lynne Woodward Says:

I would also like to add that this website is in no way affiliated with the Bull’s Head, nor any of its team, but an impartial view from some of the funniest die hard Ale Fans I have ever read! Apologies for the interruption to your wonderful site guys, keep up the good work!

Raymond & Malcolm Says:

The Bulls Head reopened in Jan. 2009 with new owners Punch Taverns.

When we arrived we were pleased to see they had not made changes just for the sake of it. Same excellent ales, scrumptious food and music we could relate to. Malcolm looked blank when I said “That sounds like Robbie Williams” – I savoured the moment!

Now that we have almost our completed what has seemed like our life’s work of visiting and reviewing every hostelry in the Worthing area, we can say, with some authority, that this is a superb gastro pub but not what is considered a traditional British pub. So, what now? Watch this space for our final top ten listing!

(Revisited 15.06.10)

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